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Our Laboratory

Electric furnaces and gas vacuum systems(five furnaces under operation)
To handle reactive metals at high temperture and proceed various high-temperature chemical reaction.
Experiment data such as temperture and gas flow rate are controlled by LabVIEW programs. Controlling experiment gas and experiment effluent gas intensively, such as Ar and N2 etc.
Glove box for Ar atmosphere
Glove box for N2 atmosphere
Two glove boxes of Ar and N2 atmosphere are in operation to handle reactive materials.
The moisture and oxygen contents are controlled under 1ppm.
Installation of to place heating furnace is planned in the future.
Facilities for chemical analysis and wet processing experiments. Draft chamber and scrubber
Experiment effluent gas is de-toxified through the scrubber.
Various specimen of titanium metal. Various experiment trial pieces made by Okabe.