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Research Experience for Senior High School students @Okabe Lab.

SS Advanced Study≪the University of Tokyo course≫
(Aichi Prefecture Jishukan senior high school's SSH(super science high school) project), 6th〜9th August (2012)

By experiencing some high level lectures and research work in the University of Tokyo, the aims of this project were to...

understand the latest science
foster the ability to research and think
improve logical thinking
enhance the desire to enter a top-ranked university science course
make a smooth connection between senior high school and university

The contents of this program
  theme:extracting precious metals from scraps
  keywords:recycling of raremetals, resource of rare metals
  teachers: Toru H. Okabe, Katsuhiro Nose

The details of the experiments(PDF file167KB)

The reports of the senior high school students after the exercise

・ Making silver wisker and bismuth and refining gold using fire assay cupellation method(Ryota Kotani, Aichi Prefecture Jishukan senior high school, grade 2)(PDF file:492KB)

・ Invistigation on the rare metal(Masaki Kabeya, Aichi Prefecture Jishukan senior high school, grade 2(PDF file:340KB)

Pictures during the experiment


Listening to the explanation about electric furnace


 Heating the bismuth.   Taking out an alloy of gold and lead from the furnace


 Taking a picture of a reagent bottle.  Adjusting the scale


   Scaling the lead shot.                         In wonder of element exhibition.

The result of the experiment


A growth process of silver wisker (1)


A growth process of silver wisker (2)  A growth process of silver wisker (3)


An alloy of gold and lead   Gold(collected from an alloy of gold and lead)



 Silver collected from an alloy of silver and lead.  Crystal of bismath