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List of Books

  1. 'Removal of Oxygen in Reactive Metals in "Purification Process and Characterization of Ultra High Purity Metals" edited by Y. Waseda and M. Isshiki',
    T. H. Okabe, K. T. Jacob and Y. Waseda:
    Springer, Berlin, (2001) pp.3-37.
  2. 'Encyclopedia of Recycling',
    T. H. Okabe (co-author), Edited by I. Yasui et al:
    Maruzen, Tokyo, (2002.2).
  3. 'Recycle of Metals in "Green Materials Technology - Environmentally Sound Recovery Process of Inorganic Process and Materials-"',
    T. H. Okabe (co-author), Edited by T. Kudo, M. Misonou et al:
    Kodansha, Tokyo, (2002.7.10).
  4. 'Refining of Metals (Chapter 3) in "Science and Applications of Molten Salts"',
    T. H. Okabe (co-author), Edited by Y. Itoh:
    Industrial Publishing & Consulting, Tokyo, (2003.7.31).
  5. 'Comprehensive Recycle technologies on Precious Metals and Rare Metals - toward the development and management of stable supply and alternative materials',
    T. H. Okabe (co-author):
    NTS Inc., Tokyo, (2007.10.23).
    Volume 1 Chapter 1: Precious metals and their situation (T. H. Okabe);
    Volume 1 Chapter 2 Paragraph 2: Refining methods and recycling technologies of platinum group metals (T. H. Okabe);
    Volume 1 Chapter 2 Paragraph 2 3.1: Hydrometallurgical process for recoverying platinum group metals from wastes by utilizing vapor phase processing (C. Horike and T. H. Okabe);
    Volume 2 Chapter 3 Paragraph 6 2: Tantalum separation and collection method from capacitor scrap (K. Mineta and T. H. Okabe);